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Double recliner sofa – The calculation of the amount of fabric you need to make a cover for a double recliner sofa could be the most difficult part of the project. Use a flexible tape to follow the curves of the couch for accurate measurements that help you buy the right amount of fabric. Take time to write down your measurements and calculations so you do not have to waste time re-measuring the couch.

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A cover is placed over the sofa back and arms to keep the shape of the sofa, excess material hidden in the crack between the seat cushions and back of the sofa. Appropriate measurement means that you will get a desired setting, without losing too much money in buying fabric. A double recliner sofa does not require more than a standard sofa fabric cover, instead of slits similar to a kick pleat to allow the footrest to rise while the back reclines.

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Obtain an accurate measurement of the double recliner sofa by measuring the length and width of the body, and then the length and width of the arm rest. Increase the body width by 12 inches to accommodate seams, getting around the seat cushions and the area of ​​the front lower arm. Increase body length by 12 inches to accommodate seams and adjustments you may need to do all the foot rest. This extra length also provides some slack so that when you put around the seat cushions, the reclining backrest does not put pressure on the cover. Both arm measurements increase by 2 inches to accommodate the seams.

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