Gateleg Table Furniture

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Gateleg table – A table Gateleg is kind of furniture was first introduced in England in the 16th century. Gateleg table early 16th century and the 17th is usually made of oak. On top of the table have a fixed part and one or two hinged leaves, which, when not in use, fold the bottom remains hanging vertically. Gateleg table is a table traditionally been minimized which can be used for everyday use as an occasional table or coffee.

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Thus, the gateleg table is part of the type known as leaf drop. This table has a fixed part and one or two hinged parts, which when not in use can be folded back like back or left hanging vertically. Part hinged, or flap, supported on legs spinning joined at the top and bottom of the gate with a stretcher. Has two large flaps support, which has the advantage of providing more free space in the middle of the foot.

This type of table has a variant that was introduced in the third quarter of the 18th century is the spider-leg table, where it is very thin legs. In the 18th century, gateleg table popular in the American colonies, where local variations introduced.

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