Guideline To Install File Cabinet Locks

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File cabinet locks – Confidentiality and privacy are important issues. If your old file cabinet is not locked, do not discard. Installing a lock kit is a fairly simple and inexpensive solution. Pull the top cabinet drawer out until it is fully extended. Remove the cabinet drawer. Locate the lock knockout plug on the front of the file cabinet. Place the blade of a screwdriver in the center of the tie parallel to the widest section of the oval. Repeat until the plug out.

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Insert the file cabinet locks cylinder into the hole to assess fit. Remove the cylinder. Working from inside the cabinet and fill in the Enter the pre-drilled hole. Insert the key into the lock cylinder. Turn the key until the clamping bolt, located at the end of the cylinder upright. Hold the cylinder in place with your right hand on the outside of the cabinet. Hold the clip closed hold in his left hand end. Slide the retaining clip into the cylinder.

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Hold the coupling into the cabinet with the pointed end facing the bolt and the flat sheet parallel with the top of the cabinet. Insert the square end of the lower part of the coupling assembly in locking on the right wall of the cabinet.  Inspect the installation file cabinet locks by turning the key a few times.

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