Hand Scraped Wood Floors Traditional

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Hand scraped wood floors is growing in popularity since 1800, due to the wood floor gives traditional look with its resilient urethane finishes. Although hand scraped wood floors cost a little more, it gives an elegant and extravagant appearance to the floor. Before sanding modern techniques emerged, wooden floors were hand scraped to achieve a flat and even finish before being installed in their places.

However, over time, this method of hand scraping is used more as a fashion statement, where the hand scraped wood floors with their rich textures are used in opulent homes, as well as some shops. These wooden floors are created by hand to achieve a single floor, which is one of a kind. This is because each handmade piece floor is unique, making it the only flooring throughout. Handcrafted by traditional methods of work of skilled craftsmen, wood exudes timeless beauty in every wooden frame.

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Hand scraped wood floors is the method in which the wood is made to look older than it really is, so pass that rustic look and naturally worn wood. While some craftsmen can use kneading, digging, scraping or thinning methods to scrape the ground, others may just sand the floor unevenly to create a worn look. Indeed, some of the skilled craftsmen are able to create the most recovered floors with splits, wormholes and other marks that appear naturally in wood, giving you the most natural appeal that is!

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