Laminate Hard Maple Flooring

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Hard Maple Flooring – The core of laminate hard maple flooring consists as in multi-layer boards of wood-based panel. The top wear layer is less than 2 mm thick plastic, laminate often has printed photographic reproduction of planks in different types of wood, various types of parquet floor, tiled pattern, etc.

Laminate flooring can be laid as floating, glued or nailed. Laminate flooring is available in a variety of woods, for example. Beech, hard maple flooring, ash, oak, cherry, pear, pine, mahogany, walnut, pine etc. In particular, with faux wood finish is wide selection. Laminate flooring must and cannot be surface treated. Laminate flooring can be very thin, so you can put it on top of an existing floor without having to change etc.

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The surface of laminate hard maple flooring may seem artificial in comparison to the massive boards, has a different sound than wooden floors and patina not natural as a wood floor. The cheaper laminate floor, the less durable will wear layer usually be.  Wear and damage cannot repair. Laminate flooring is particularly vulnerable at joints or if moisture gets to the surface away from the bottom. There are not so many varieties which are suitable for block flooring. Clumsy floors available for example. Oak, pine, fir or larch.

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