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Hardwood floor vs laminate – Some hardwood floors come pre finished with durable aluminum oxide, but some particularly finished in polyurethane coating, which is not long lasting as a typical finish laminate floor. Some manufacturers, such as Pergo laminate, finish of all their products with initial evidence from the layer of aluminum oxide. Good floor that is very susceptible to water damage no matter the type of finish that have, but water can do more damage to laminate, which is, in essence, basically medium density fibreboard.

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It would be easy to say that the hardwood floor vs laminate seem almost identical after installed. Joints of laminated board is clearly different from the false between tables that are described on the surface, while all joints in wood floors. Not to mention the fact that wood planks, while synthetic laminates, often very significantly so. However, both types of soil has its pros and cons. You can close the additional cost for wood floors if you are selling a House, however; wood floors are at the request of the potential buyers.

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Compared to real wood, with random patterns of wheat and uneven textures, laminate floors are synthetic, although some manufacturers design their cattle products to prevent this aspect. Differences can not be a lot of attention in the maid’s room, but it can make a big difference hardwood floor vs laminate in space. Your pet might be able to scratch the wood more easily with their claws, but they can be found working in various brands of laminate, with its super finish hard, polished, almost impossible. If your dog is not trained, don’t worry. You can replace the damaged planks of wood and laminate flooring.

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