Drawbacks To Hickory Wood Floors

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Hickory wood floors is one of the toughest and most durable types of wood flooring available. Its toughness, however, makes it difficult to complete and install. Variations in color and characters also mean homeowners should shop carefully to find the right hickory floors that suit their decorative style.

Hickory wood floors comes from a number of species divided into “sand hickory” or “pecan hickory” groups. The two types vary widely in color from blond to red-brown. The grain patterns and natural markings such as knots, pockmarks or pits may also vary. Always ask to see a representative sample before buying. Top rated “Select” and “select and better” quality is the most important quality in hickory floors. Both types have a minimum number of knots or other defects, but the colors may vary depending on the type and manufacturer.

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The lowest hickory hardwood class is the country or rustic rating. This floor can vary in color, grain and the number and type of natural defects. While land-grade hickory can look good in a log or other rustic style home, it is probably not suitable for more formal decor. While hickory wood floors are one of the toughest domestic woods, this quality makes it difficult to cut sand and stain the do-it-yourself. Buying pre-cut and pre-finished hickory flooring is often the best option for most homeowners.Hickory flooring pros and cons,

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