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For whatever reason a person feels the need to keep a gun close in bed at night, a gun holster at night can facilitate access to weapons while providing proper storage. Modifying an ankle holster or belt to make  nightstand  gun safe a bed cover mounting it to a metal support Holster with belt loop or square by 10 inches clip10 metal Wide stick blade bolt Velcro3 inch / 8 inch long and 3/4 nutsDrill3 / 8 inch drill with a metal saw bit Skill

Cut two sheet metal sections use l d to form the circular support holster saw. External support measures 5 inches wide by 8 1/2 inches on. It measures 1 inch wide and 10 inches long the inner support. Double the outer support at an angle of 90 degrees  nightstand gun safe Hold the bottom 1 inch of the length of the sheet metal in vice and use the torch to heat a line across the sheet metal just above the jaws. When the metal is hot enough to glow orange, grab it with tweezers and fold the remaining 7 inches from the plate toward you. When the metal is too cold to bend easily, reheat. Repeat this process until it is folded

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Drill three holes in the outer support, using 3/8 inch drill bit. The holes in the outer support must be drilled in a line across the width of the flange 1 inch created in step. The holes should be 1 ½ inch apart. The center nightstand gun safe of the holes should be a ½ inch of the top of the flange  in the center of the width of the flange. Drill three holes in the internal support, using 3/8 inch drill bit. The holes in the internal support should align with the holes in the outer support. Drill the first hole of 1 inch above the left side of the bracket. The second drill whole 1 1/2 inch to the right of the first hole. Drill the third hole 1 ½ inch to the right of the second hole, six inches from the right edge of the media.

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