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Bedside grey nightstand is a staple in the bedroom decor. Whether you prefer a plain, neat pair of bedside nightstand or you want to use for holding books, alarm clock, phone and table lamps, bedside nightstand give a finishing touch to any bedroom. You do not have to buy a new pair of nightstand to redecorate; you can paint a couple of old to coordinate better with the design theme of the room, or want to make a dramatic change.

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Paint with grey nightstand; Remove any hardware such as handles or knobs nightstand. Place a painter canvas cloth or let one of the nightstands. This protects the soil beneath the paint soak up any spills. Smooth rough or chipped edges with sandpaper grain 180.Clean the table to prepare for priming. A basic cleaning spray, as a window cleaner, can remove dirt and debris from the table and create the right conditions for painting. Let dry before priming.

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To paint grey nightstand, Pour some primer into a paint tray until the tray is half full way. Use a small to reach tight spaces that the larger brush did not brush. Dip the brush into the primer and primer brush the top and sides of the table. Wait for the primer to dry thoroughly before painting. Rinse the paint tray and fill it halfway with the desired paint color. Dip the brush in the paint and paint brush at the top and all sides of the table. Wait for the paint to dry completely before proceeding with a second layer. Replace the hardware.

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