How To Assemble A Futon Sofa Bed

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Futon sofa bed is provided on their components. To assemble them, you have to join the back of the seat to form a single, hinged frame. This framework is responsible for converting the sofa-bed futon in a futon sofa or chair. The frame is also mounted in another frame support rails held between the arms of the futon. While the design of each futon may be different, the basic building assembly requires the two configurations of grab bars and hinged frame and put these two together.

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To assemble a futon sofa bed are Place the pieces that make up the sofa bed futon on the floor. Make sure you have all the components listed in Table futon. Move the two stretchers and two arms on the same side and the back cover and the seat cover elsewhere.

Slide the ends of the stretchers on the receiving ends on the arms so that the bolt holes are aligned. Screw bolts tightened with an Allen wrench. Turn the screws just enough to keep arms and stretchers together. Slide the ends of the deck again in the mouth of the seat cover. Lock the two parts in place with pins so that both form a hinged frame. Mount the frame hinged on the support rails formed by the arms and stretchers. Set the futon sofa bed on the futon. Flip the cover back flat to form a futon sofa bed.

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