How To Build A Bedside Round Nightstand

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Bedside round nightstand essential part of bedroom furniture, regardless of whether you are 7 or 70. You need a place for a night lamp, a book, a clock, telephone and possibly vessels and tissues. A round nightstand is one of the most functional type’s nightstand. You can paint the top of a baseball or a flower ornament to the room of a small child, or add a luxury housing that matches the quilt for a chic and sophisticated look.

Building the Base to round nightstand, cut four legs 23-1 / 4 inches long by 2 inches boards by 2. create 2 side joint joining the legs together with pieces apron. Part of an apron position flush with the top of the leg, and centered between the sides of the legs. Join the two side’s sets thanks to the apron pieces remaining. Glue and screw these pieces in place in the same places as the apron side parts. Mark notches around the legs of the two outer slats boards. These sit in the lower parts apron. Space remaining parts through the platform and screw the pieces in place.

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Mount the round nightstand, cut the top panel, if necessary, to 18 inches round. Place the top panel on the floor, right side down. Use a square to locate the center of the panel and mark the location. Turn the base upside down and center it on the top of the panel. Mark your location. Turn the nightstand to the right. Apply a dab of glue on top of the legs and apron at the base and place the top correctly, their brands.

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