How To Build A Round Pedestal Table

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Jump fiberboard and medium density build a cheap round coffee table with a wooden round pedestal table of your choice product. Glue four fifty-six wooden boards together, being careful not to get any glue on top of the tables. Hold the tables with bar clamps and let dry. When dry, smaller tables are adhered together to create a large table to be cut in a circle. Determine the exact center of the table surface. Use a ruler to draw two diagonal lines slightly to the left and right sides, to create a large “X” in the center of the table surface. Tie a string section for the pin. Attach a pencil at the other end of the chain. Place the pin in the center of the “X” with the bolt holding the rope taut, draw a circle with the stylus.

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Cut the top of the round table in their pencil marks with the bandsaw. Cut a decorative ogee edge or nose edge rounded on top of the round pedestal table. Arena roughness of the surface of the table with sandpaper. Sand the top of the table surface with a sander. Be careful not to dig into the top surface of the table with the sander will create dips or irregular surface.

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Place the table top upside down so that the bottom is facing up. Place the piece of pre-built pedestal, face down, in the center of the circle at the bottom of the table surface. To find the exact center of the placing round pedestal table base within the circle, measuring the distance of the four edges of the pedestal platform to the surrounding edges of the table surface.

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