How To Build Round Wood Table Tops

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Round wood table tops – You can easily build your own picnic table and back to his family and friends to sit at barbecues and other gatherings in the summer days. It takes a little time, patience and supplies can be found at your local hardware store. The key is to provide a durable basis and a sturdy frame.

Build round wood table tops are set the five 2-for-1st next to each other to form a square that is matched on all sides. Stick together and let dry. Place the 52 inch 2 by 4 in the central part of the board and the screw in each of the top. Mark the center of the square wooden corner to corner drawing lines and marking the intersection. Measure within 30 inches around this brand.

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Use the jigsaw to follow and cut the circle line to create the top of the picnic round wood table tops.  Use the hacksaw to cut the ends of each at an angle of 45 degrees. Set the 2-by-4 two X shapes with holes aligned. Take the last 2-for-4 and attach it to the X with the screws as a center brace. Place the table top face down on the floor. Place an X in each leg of the two-4 by-40-inch fixed to the table. Screw the legs to this support, and then turn round picnic table on your lap once you are sure you are insured.

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