How To Build Solid Wood Platform Bed

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It’s easy to spend several hundred thousand dollars or more in a bed frame king. However, you can build solid wood platform bed for robust framework king mattress for less than $ 100. This project takes one to two hours of time dedicated build more drying time if you choose to paint. These plans are for a standard double mattress, but you can use them for a California king by adjusting the dimensions of the timber.

Solid wood platform bed, assemble two beams of 74 inches and two beams in a rectangle 76 inches, resting on its 2-inch wide sides. Place them so that the beams are 76 inches inside beams of 74 inches. Connecting beams using two wood screws for attachment, driven through the face of the beam of 74 inches and the end of the beam 76 inches.

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Solid wood platform bed set the third beam of 76 inches within the framework that has been built in the center and parallel to the other beams of 76 inches. Set the sheet of plywood on top of the frame so that each edge of an inch overlaps. Screw in place with a wood screw per corner. Reinforced with wood screw centered along each and two wood screws 76 inches edge evenly spaced along each side of 80 inches.

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