How To Build Trestle Dining Table

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Easels are used as support while working on a painting or other craft. They are also useful if you want to display a work of art or a note. Most soil trestles trestles are requiring an artist to cope with the work. Some artists, especially children, prefer to paint and work on a table. Fortunately, you can make a trestle dining table using a few household items. Find a box made ​​of strong cardboard possible. Choose a clean box designed to carry heavy objects, such as one made ​​of bottles. Many stores will be happy to give you an empty box that is not already in use.

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Seal the trestle dining table box with tape along all seams and openings so that it locks firmly. Draw a diagonal line across the short end of the box from one corner to the other. Use a ruler and a felt marker for the line it is straight and precise. Repeat on the other side of the case, ensuring that the new line coincides with the line on the other side.

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Cut through each line using a box cutter. Continue cutting along the long edges of the box until the whole picture is in two halves. Each medium will have a triangular shape. If you are making a stand, discard one half. If you are doing two trestle dining table, continue working with the two halves.

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