How To Build Tufted Ottoman Coffee Table

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A tufted ottoman coffee table is the basis of this round of DIY. Large enough to serve as a resting place for a tray of drinks and snacks, and sturdy enough to serve as a seat, this Ottoman design will enhance your decor and become a focal point of your living room. Choose fabric upholstery for longer lasting result. Place a piece of foam 2 inches on the ground. Turn a round coffee table upside down on top of it and trace around the top of the table in the foam. Remove the coffee table and use an electric knife to cut around the marked circle on the foam.

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Sand the table legs. Wipe with a soft cloth to remove dust. Paint or stain the table legs if desired. This is the only part of the chart will show. If the legs are acceptable, as they are, this step can be omitted. Mark the points where you want locks on top of the table. Ideas include a lock in the middle four strands in a square at the top of the tufted ottoman coffee table. Drill holes through the table in these marks.

Place the foam to the top of the tufted ottoman coffee table with spray adhesive. If the tabletop has a lip, fill the area under the lip fixed with adhesive foam spray. Place the fabric, right side down, on the floor. Place a piece of quilt batting on top of it. Turn the table upside down and the center of the top of the foam into the fabric and batting. Pull the batting and the fabric on one side of the circle around the bottom of the table and staple in the middle.

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