How To Build Wooden Medicine Cabinets

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Wooden medicine cabinets are surprisingly easy to build. There are five pieces of wood needed for boxing in addition to a few more pieces of the door and shelves, and you have a complete cabinet. Seal the edges to keep it sealed safely and is ready to put to use. If you have some free time and need a place to hide those little bottles, tubes and vials, this project may be the perfect weekend.

Build wooden medicine cabinets are cut the pieces ahead of time is always a good idea. Doing so allows you to view each piece and become familiar with the project. Brace the two long pieces to be next to each other and even through the lower end. Measuring up to 6 inches and mark a line through both boards. Make similar 4-inch intervals along the height of the tables remaining mark.

Stand long in the edge so that the pins face inward parts. Put a thin line of wood glue at the extreme edges of the short boards. Apply a line of wood glue around the outer edge of the frame. If you have one available, a heavy-duty stapler will save you time. Continuously adjust the frame to keep the panel correctly aligned. Turn up the wooden medicine cabinets and place the piano hinge along the side to open. Do not connect the door until the cabinet is mounted. Measure 50 centimeters from the ground and make a mark. Use the level to make another mark on the opposite corner of the cabinet.

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