How To Care For Wood Chopping Block

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Wood chopping block – If you enjoy cooking, a chopping wood is one of the most essential tools in your kitchen. Its wooden cutting block can provide a comfortable and safe surface for cutting, slicing and cutting vegetables, meat, poultry, fish and other foods. However, if a wooden chopping block not cared for properly, the wood can warp, break, break and become a breeding ground for potentially harmful bacteria.

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Season your new wood chopping block before use to prevent food stains and help inhibit the growth of fungi, germs and bacteria. Apply the oil with a clean, soft on top of the cutting board in the direction of the wood grain cloth. Repeat four or five times for the initial seasoning, making sure to wait four to six hours between treatments for the mineral oil to soak deep into the wood.

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After you have finished cutting food into the pit each day, scrape all food particles and foreign matter from the surface with a spatula or steel scraper. Add a small amount of natural liquid soap to a damp sponge or clean cloth and rub the surface of the cutting board. Avoid washing pit with harsh detergents that can damage the wood chopping block. Rinse the sponge with warm and go on the surface of the cutting board again water.

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