How To Care Italian Leather Sofa

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How To Care Italian Leather Sofa – Place the sofa where it is not exposed to direct sunlight. Keep curtains or blinds when the sun is beating right on the couch. If the skin is exposed to excessive sunlight, the color may fade or skin can break. Also keep the couch, away from direct heat sources.

Maintain a moderate level of humidity in your home. Too much moisture can cause the skin to crack and can also increase the chances of mold growth.

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Clean Italian leather sofa from dust every weekly with a soft cloth or soft brush vacuum cleaner attachment hose. Make sure that dust from the cracks in the skin as well.

Clean the skin at least once a month with saddle soap and a soft cloth according to the manufacturer’s instructions stirring. Moisten a soft cloth with soap and water and clean the sofa, even in the cracks of the skin. If the sofa is necessary to clean more often, wipe with a soft cloth dampened with water.

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Keep newspapers, magazines and sharp objects out of Italian leather sofa. Sharp objects and pets nails can scratch or tear in the upholstery. Newspapers or magazines from left to sit on the skin can leave ink stains.

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