How To Clean A Tufted Velvet Sofa

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Tufted velvet sofa is a luxurious way to relax the hours. Velvet is a soft, durable fabric that looks stylish in any home. Velvet sofas need regular care so the tissue stays fresh and clean. Velvet fabric easily attracts dust, held under the siesta, to catch dirt and velvet look drab and dreary. Regular cleaning helps the velvet sofa recover its style and beauty.

To clean tufted velvet sofa are, Place the soft bristle brush for vacuum. Turn on the vacuum and run the soft brush on velvet sofa. Run the brush against the nap to pile fabric rose. This ensures that you get the dirt that may hide under the nap. Remove the cushions, if you have removable cushions and clean the bottom. Reverse the cushions to change. Reverse the cushions each time you vacuum the couch.

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Dab a total size of a dish washing detergent in one end of a clean, damp cloth. Rub the stains on the tufted velvet sofa with detergent. Going against the nap for any stain under the pile of cloth. Rinse the soap with a clean, damp cloth. Make sure all soap residues is gone. Dry the wet area with a clean, dry cloth. Dry with siesta to which the battery may dry cloth.

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