How To Connect A Countertop Dishwasher

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Release the ring you hear a click. This sound indicates that the connector is correctly connected to the tap. Give it a firm tug to make sure that it’s connected. No water will drain from the sink. Switch the . Fix the setting to suit what the load of dishes being cleaned. Turn the dishwasher worktop. You should hear it starts to fill with water. Within minutes the dirty water will drain into the sink rinse cycle. After the cycle is complete, the system will shut down.

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Those who do not like to wash dishes by hand will be delighted to know that there isn’t anything complicated involved in connecting a countertop dishwasher. Once you’ve decided on what you want and have obtained the countertop dishwasher, plug it easily.

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Connect the countertop dishwasher to the water heater (tap) and a water outlet, where dirty water may drain. The dishwasher will come with a hose and connector so that you attach to your faucet to get it working. Pull the nozzle behind the dishwasher. Set the dish at the best place on the counter so that the hose can be connected to the tap. Pull down the black ring on the connector and slide the end of the faucet.

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