How To Convert Changing Table Dresser

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Changing table dresser – Convert a dresser to a table to change diapers for your baby. Photo Badetag image by Bogdanski from credit. A changing table allows you to change your baby’s diaper without having to bend at an uncomfortable angle. Most changing tables include shelves to keep diapers, wipes, powder and other supplies you need. But once your baby grows more diapers, one is left with a piece of furniture that you can not really use. If you convert a dresser to a table to change diapers, when baby grows, you can use the convenient in your room to keep clothing.

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Measure the height and the top of his dresser. You should choose a Hutch that stands 36 to 43 inches tall, the height of the majority of the tables to changing table dresser, according to Consumer Reports. This height allows you to be standing with your baby’s easy access. The top of the dresser needs to be large enough to accommodate a change of pad without any of which hangs over the edge of the pad.

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Buy a platform of change with vinyl siding. These are sold to fit the tops of the tables to changing table dresser and can come with or without the removable covers. Choose a pillow that fits completely into the top of his dresser. Select a pad that includes a seat belt to keep your baby safe. Look for a contoured pad that cradle your baby so it will not slide.

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