How To Decorate Around Driftwood Coffee Table

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Driftwood coffee table – Paint the walls a neutral color such as light tan or cream. Neutral wall colors in shades collect driftwood, without overwhelming the room. If you have a darker coffee table, walls highlight the table. Consider using shades of light blue and green instead of neutral colors. Lighter shades mimic the colors found in the ocean and creates a natural look in space.

Hang at least one piece of floating art on the wall of the room. A mirror surrounded by pieces of driftwood coffee table, a sculpture of driftwood or light pieces of wood pendant are good choices. The new piece imitates the lines and forms of the coffee table. If you like the coastal theme, using elements of Cape Cod around the room as nautical stripes throw pillows, decorations lighthouse-shaped ropes and life replica.

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Bring in new furniture pieces that match or complement the new wall color. A cream-colored sofa and chairs tan neutral colors mimic the driftwood coffee table. Lighter colors mimic the tones found on the shore where driftwood washed up. Organize brightly colored cushions around the sofa and chairs around the coffee table. When you only use neutral colors, you risk the room looking too bland or boring. Adding some color bursts break room generally lighter color.

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