How To Decorate Metal Office File Cabinets

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Use a screwdriver to remove the drawer pulls or any other external hardware. Have a cloth rag and dust from the outside and interior of the cupboard. Consider different finishes or paints to coat the surface of the metal file. Beautify the metal officefile cabinet. Painting, background or fabric surfaces, a modification may be inserted to paint templates along the edges of the box.

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Choose the hardware for drawer pulls. Adorn the peak of your metal file. Treat the surface as a pedestal for a vase or a statue. Use a miniature table easel to prop up a photograph or painting on your own. You can also slide bass and between filing cabinets and shelves to make it look as a built-in. To highlight the profile of your new metal, make a floating shelf the same measurements as the top of the cabinet and place it at the wall above the cabinet.

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Office file cabinets – A metallic file is one of those utilitarian pieces which most people have, but few men and women decorate. In actuality, industrial design which could drag down the decoration of your room. Investing some money and sweat equity to make a makeover metal file cabinet, and add some cool accessories that make the eyes stick out.

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