How To Decorate Mirrored Dining Table

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Many types of dining tables can have a mirrored surface and add visual interest to any room. Decorating a mirrored dining table, however, it can be a challenge because you do not want to completely cover the top or shows the options that will create a mirror reflection unattractive. With a selection of items and your location, you can make the most of a mirror dining table.

Display the candles on the mirrored dining table. Create arrays of pillar candles and tea lights that sit directly on the surface of the dining table or place them in a glass or glass tray. Place tapered candles in sconces or decorative candles and put them on the dining table. When lit, the candlelight bounce off the head dining table with mirror, adding light and romantic space.

Set cut crystal figurines, bowls or glasses on the dining table. When light hits the room cut crystal, they refract and bounce on the mirrored dining table surface. Place a small flower arrangement on the dining table. Set flowers in a decorative glass, crystal, porcelain or silver vase. The mirror will let you see the bottom of the flowers, giving the impression of multiple flowers.

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