How To Find Le Corbusier Sofa

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 Usually the great architects of the last century were devoted not only to change the conception of architecture, but also had time to revolutionize industrial design.Among the most active include Charles Edouard Mariejeanne, better le corbusier sofa known as Le Corbusier. Throughout his career he devised different pieces of furniture; chairs, armchairs, sofas, tables … whose designs have transcended to today. In fact, I was about to buy one of their sofas to my room.

Today I will show their first four series, which are also the best known. It is important to note that, despite covering as different elements as an armchair, a chaise lounge and sofas of various sizes, have much in common; share a structure based on steel pipes, the upholstery le corbusier sofa is all cowhide and a taste for the line and the plane, constant glimpses in his way of thinking about architecture. Le Corbusier The first series, called LC1, is a lightweight chair. The back and seat are defined by two planes leather resting on two steel frames. The clear dissociation of the structure makes it seem like you are floating on air.

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Le Corbusier The LC2 and LC3 series are very similar, a range of sofas and armchairs of various sizes; from one to three seats. A set of steel bars wrapped and provide support for a system of pads le corbusier sofa of prismatic shape. The result; pure and simple lines, the basic idea of ​​a sofa in the extreme. It could be reduced to a set of blueprints that intersect each other. Try to draw it and see that you will not need many lines.

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