How To Install Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

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Most fire extinguisher cabinets countersunk or rest flush with the wall. This means you must cut a hole in the wall to the cabinet to fit within the wall. The process of assembling a cabinet extinguisher is not difficult, but you must take precautions to ensure they do not get hurt while cutting on the wall. In some cases, such as industrial plants, the cabinet is mounted on the outside of the wall. The process of installing an additional cabinet is much easier to put in a closet.

Locate the two bolts that run adjacent to each other, using a stud finder. It will put the fire extinguisher cabinets between wall studs. Turn off the electrical circuit to service the room. Place the cabinet against the wall with the face of the box looking out toward you. Place a level on top of the box and place the cabinet so it is level. Trace the rear of the cabinet on the wall. The rear of the box is smaller than the front lip of the box.

Cut section you just drew. Cut as shallow as possible with the saw to avoid buried cables or pipes behind the wall. Place the cabinet in the hole so that the front edge of the cylinder head against the wall cabinet. Mark each mounting hole on the front edge of the wall with a pencil. Place the cabinet aside. Pierce each location marked with a drill bit large enough to insert the wall anchors.

Insert wall anchors in the wall with a hammer. Place the housing on the wall and secure it with screws provided with the enclosure. Locate a stud in the wall with a stud finder. If possible, position the cabinet so that the mounting holes in the cabinet line with studs. Place a level on top of the cabinet and then place the cabinet so that it is level. Mark mounting holes located inside the cabinet on the wall with a pencil. Place the cabinet aside.

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Drill holes in the wall. If drilling in the uprights, select a bit that is half the diameter of the screws to be used to secure the furniture to the wall. If you are not drilling into the studs, drill hole large enough to drive wall anchors. Once drilled, expel wall anchors with a hammer if necessary.

Place the fire extinguisher cabinets on the wall and align the mounting holes. Secure the cabinet to the wall with wood screws if installed on poles or with the screws provided with the anchors.

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How to install fire extinguisher cabinet,

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Kidde fire extinguisher cabinets,

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