How To Install Solar Roof Tiles

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Solar roof tiles – Solar panels have become very popular these days. More and more people switch respectfully generate generator. The installation of solar panels on the roof that is not a very complicated project. However, it is important to have another person help you to because you will be working on the roof. Determine the best location on the ceiling for mounting solar panels. The location should receive sunlight continuously without obstructions that cause the color. Solar panels are generally installed to southwest to achieve this goal.

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Beam search under the roof of his supporters. You can use a stud finder for this purpose solar roof tiles. To mark straight lines for the placement of every mountain, using the line of chalk or leveling laser vision. Then, use a drill to drill holes in the ceiling to avoid cracks in the ceiling.

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Using stainless steel bolt to attach mounts the pre drilled holes. Put the metal flashing at the top of the mountain and seal the area around the mountain with tar. Fix metal Rails to the mountains with a 3/8-inch screws. Install the Panel in the mountains along the rail. secure with the screws. Then install solar roof tiles theĀ  panel conduit and run the cables to connect the panels to the inverter.

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