How To Install Wood Balusters

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Wood balusters stairs are used as a support system for the hand railing. Balusters are also a safety feature to avoid falling between the hand railing and stairs or on the floor. Balustrades stairs also add style and elegance to your home and scale.

Education to install wood balusters: chose a drawing of stairs columns that correspond to the handrail. Measure the circumference of the balustrade. With a hand drill and drill, drill a hole, about half an inch deep, in the bottom of the hand railing of the same size of the circumference of the column.

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Apply wood glue on the outside of the railing that will go into the railing. If the installation metal columns, use epoxy instead of wood glue. Insert the column in the newly drilled hole at the bottom of the railing. Apply a small amount of glue or epoxy to ensure a secure fit. Allow the glue or epoxy to dry completely before continuing.

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Finally, to install wood balusters, apply wood glue or epoxy to the bottom of the column that matches the tread. Attach the boards to tread and remove the epoxy glue or run-off, with a clean cloth. Allow it dry completely before applying any pressure to the hand railing or columns.

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