How To Make A Header Two Queen Size Headboards

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Queen size headboards – Antique wooden headboards are an excellent neutral tone to enter in a bedroom setting. As it is often the case with items related to the beds, which always seems to be twin headers that are readily available instead of the queen, but a clever DIY-err can attach two individual heads together to create a queen headboard. Minimal tools are required and additional finishing work is still well within the scope of any enthusiast refurnished.

Place the queen size headboards side by side in the order in which they will eventually be installed. Make a mark every 12 inches on the side of each header to be attached together, using the tape measure. Press the headers together to ensure that brands are the same. Make a hole at each mark using a drill bit that is exactly the same diameter as the pegs. Drilling the slightly deeper than half the length of the pins hole.

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Insert a dowel into each hole in one of the headers. Headers slide together until the pins push the way into their holes in the opposite header. Moves the heads to ensure that they are closely linked. Place the 2-for-4 on the back of the queen size headboards, covering the joint between them.

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