How To Make An Bookcase Headboard

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Bookcase headboard – Buy two bookcases of the same size that are at least 5 meters high. Locate the wall studs in the wall behind the bed where booksellers are retained. Place straps wall mount to a wall stud behind each shelf with screws. Attach the straps to the corresponding rear of the shelf. Measure the distance from the wall between the two bookcases. The ends of the shelves should be no more than 1/2 inch from the outer edge of the shelves. Proximity visually read as a single unit header.

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Cut two 12-inch wide by 3 wooden boards / 4 inches thick to fit between the shelves. Sand cutting boards with sandpaper grade light to prepare for stain or paint bookcase headboard. Remove dirt with a damp cloth. Stain or paint first and cutting boards to coordinate with the booksellers. Allow the finish to dry.

Find and mark the wall studs in the section of the wall between the two bookcase headboard. Attach three evenly spaced, decorative wall brackets with screws to the wall directly below the desired point for each platform. Use screw anchors to secure any support that does not fit into a wall stud. Place the finished on top of the three media platform. Screw the shelves in the decorative brackets.

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