How To Make Baby Changing Table Dresser

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Baby changing table dresser – How to change a dressing table becomes a changing table. With all the new things that pregnant parents to buy when the baby, how to store this very useful. Although it is not safe for a wedge of ten years ago, the change table is perfectly acceptable for re-use. Lockers can even easily is changed at the same time in a table, save money and customize your new baby’s room. Start with the vanity which is about 38 inches tall and has a surface large enough to accommodate a change pad and safety fences.

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Additional compliance check before making a table to change it baby changing table dresser. Delete there is a piece of loose, tighten all screws and make sure that the dressing is solid and sturdy. If the cabinets are painted, bought a lead paint test kit and try it before you take it home. Lead test kit paint available at any home center improvement and very easy to use. Change pad in place and he draw a pencil line around. It is a guide that can be used to ensure the safety of the fence in place. Railway safety must fit perfectly around replacing pad as a safety precaution.

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Remove the drawer. Screw the trim or 1 x 4 on top of cabinets, secure around searched in step 3. Or if you prefer, install the closet safety baby changing table dresser and use a thick towel when changing a baby, instead of changing the pad. Fill in the top drawer of the dresser changer with diapers, baby, diaper rash ointment wipes and extra clothing. Keep them on hand because you often need.

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