How To Make Bean Bag Covers

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If your bean bag doesn’t look as good as when it was brand new, or if you simply want to change the texture or color, then you can make bean bag covers that will make it look like new.

Put the models around the bean bag to look at the size. Set the pattern and cut at it. Sew the two short sides of the rectangle and then sew the fabric in place with perimeter of half-inch seam. Sew the second half circle on the opposite side of the cycle. Sew a quarter inch hem on the exposed part of the rest of the tissue.

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Draw rectangle corresponding to these measurements.   Measure the circumference of the top and bottom of this bean bag too. Draw a circle corresponding to those measurements. Add an inch to all dimensions. Cut all models.

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Finally, to make, glue, tape or sew several pieces of Velcro to the open side of this coat. Put the bean bag in the lining and seal the Velcro.

This gallery main ideas bean bag covers.

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