How To Make Driftwood End Table

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Driftwood end table – Driftwood furniture makes a beautiful addition to the beach or lake house, an eclectic. You can create a wide range of wooden furniture, depending on shape and size. Hat and coat rack is the choice obvious for small pieces of wood, but you can make a coffee table or table with large parts size are robust. Add a glass top to the table and enjoy the beauty of the wood from a different angle. Measurement of the size of your glass table based on the space they occupy and their purpose. Coffee table can be larger and shaped as you want, but tables tend to have a smaller surface. You have the glass cut and sharp in your local home improvement store or save glassware.

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Find a piece of wood that fits the size of your table online or on the beach. Pay attention to the shape of the driftwood end table, needs a solid base on the floor and to a section that is put on the table. You can make adjustments to the overall shape of the wood through the addition of wooden support blocks as discreetly as possible. You can also use a combination of wood to achieve the basic size of the table. Set pieces of wood with brackets or wood screws as needed.

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Clean and sand the wood to remove any debris and unwanted roughness. This step may not be necessary, depending on how it came with its wood. Apply two to three coats of polyurethane driftwood end table for protection. DIME size coin holder piece of adhesive car, one for each point of wood touching the glass. Knead the adhesive until it is activated according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Place the softened in the driftwood where rest the glass.

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