How To Make Reclaimed Wood End Table

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Reclaimed wood end table – Although the reclaimed wood is known for great character, beautiful imperfections and unusual markings, it is possible that you wish that your recycled wood table to play as a focal point and be subject of conversation for quite a while. If you want to add an unexpected touch by some fabulous and radiant effect, you have many options to choose. In fact, you can be brave when working with reclaimed wood, since the “errors” will not do but strengthen the character of your piece.

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The application of a Crackle finish is another way to add texture and even more interest to any piece of furniture reclaimed wood end table ideas of recycled wood. Begins with a layer of paint or dye base, applies an agent to crackle and then apply a final coat of gloss, just waiting to surface quarter, showing the base coat that lies below. At the time of choosing the colors of the layer base and top coat, can be traditional or go as far as you like. Experience on pieces of scrap wood to find the combination of colors that you like.

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The beauty of the reclaimed wood lies in its imperfections, knots and marked grain, as well as its fading and its brands. However, if the general appearance of the bare wood of your reclaimed wood end table ideas cover does not make you sigh, or if you have many stains, Burns, or unattractive marks, it is possible to cover it completely or in parts with the technique of decoupage. For a modern look, use a paper tapestry style pop art or paper gift or greeting cards. For an antique look, search old photos, maps and engravings taken from books in antiques shops.

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