How To Make Wood Headboard

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Wood headboard – The suggestion that we make today is to build a wooden headboard. Lafinalidad headboards are against the cold wall, avoid soiling and provide support. Its construction is very simple and also going to need very few materials, mainly wood and neoprene. The result is an elegant headboard, modern, economical and easy to build online. To make the headboard need a pine tables from which we will draw four pieces of 1.50 m, four more pieces of the same size round bar and tube neoprene.

Once cut the four tables and tubillones, with which we supported, prepare the two bases or support the headboard. We draw a diagonal on a pine board and cut with the jigsaw and a special blade for straight cuts in lumber. With milling cutter for chamfering and we go over the edges of the four tables. To make wood headboard we will protect your eyes with glasses and will subject the tables at the table with jaws. We support the skate tool in singing and polish the two edges of each table are in view. We cover the round pine slats with neoprene: introduce the neoprene strips and cut to size. Neoprene removed the ends of each piece and give adhesive mounting fasten securely.

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We clean the excess adhesive paper and let harden the product. Before varnishing, we review the four tables and two bases or support the headboard with the orbital sander and a sheet of medium grit sandpaper. Remove dust from the parts with a cloth or paper. We can coating: apply with a pallet gel varnish furniture honey. With one hand it will be enough. Varnishing we protect hands with latex gloves. We will mount the headboard. We present two parallel bases on the table and place it over one of the tables, flush bearing on the edge and with the same margin at the ends. Then we put a ribbon lined neoprene and mark the fastening points. As we will make a connection with tubillones, with the drill and wood drill bit provided with a stop of depth we drilled holes in both pieces lined neoprene and bases. The tubillones that we use are 6 mm in diameter so that the drill will be the same size.

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Apply adhesive mounting bases and put the first table either flushes with the edge. We glue into the holes in one of the round slats lined with neoprene and enter the tubillones with a mallet. We then apply glue into the holes in the headboard brackets and fit the round bar with their corresponding tubillones. Put the following table, then another round bar lined neoprene and so on until the headboard. The headboard is nearing completion. To hang on the wall use some plates.

We presented in the brackets and mark its position. For emptying the boxes, we will drill several holes in the area bounded with the drill provided with a drill for wood and depth stop. The next step is to clean the boxes with a chisel and a hammer. With boxes and made the two crowns fit and look with some screws. The final touch of our job is to paint with a black marker or extreme short end of round pine slats so that they are well integrated into the headboard. And so we finished our wood headboard.

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