How To Make Wood Slab Coffee Table

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Wood slab coffee table – The edge of the slab of wood alive, when used in decoration, offers a dose of other styles and textures only. Because there are no two are ever the same, be safe in knowing that your part is completely custom-made. In this tutorial, you will learn to change the life of the edge of the slab and wood table bench or coffee that can change on a whim.

Wood coffee table lounge slab, visit your garden wood. Stores often are the source of all types of wood and you will have a special section dedicated to keep the naturalĀ wood slab coffee table and leather. After choosing a dish and brought it home, cut the skin with a sharp tool (if desired), carve and sand the edges and the sides of the cut of the slab if with skin’s first abrasive paper with coarse sand after 40 and 100 grains.

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Then complete the process of preparation of wood slab coffee table with two coats of clear including slab where is cut the skin with a brush urethane sealant foam. Allow the sealer to dry for one hour between coats of urethane and final coat cure for 24 hours.

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