How To Make Wooden Headboards

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Wooden headboards – Are you tired of seeing always the same as your bed ? Do you like reading sitting in your bed and you can not because you do not have a header where support your back? Want to give an original touch to your bedroom at low prices? Keep reading because we tell you how to make a wooden headboard for the bed. The first step is to take measurements of the bed, you should measure the width and height you want to put the header. As for the width so we leave few centimeters on both sides of the bed and thus make the head lean out both sides of the bed. But if you have two bedside tables, you can make the width of the head go up behind them. This way you’ll make your bed look bigger.

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The second step is to cut the measures of wooden headboards you want or buy it already with the measures that you want a carpenter or ask for help from a friend. Wood may be the way you want: rectangular, with waves, triangular, etc. leaves it to your imagination. Once you have the head to the desired shape, you have to paint the head with filler. You must apply one or two coats of primer and sanding once dry well on all sides.

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The next step is paint, according to your taste. You can paint the table of your favorite color or a color to match the bedroom where you will put the wooden headboards. Another way to paint the table is applying stampedes or different drawings to your liking. You can also use various shades making foam or applying a patina to highlight the color. When you finish painting the table, let it dry. Finally the head, you have to apply a satin varnish to protect it all and let it dry.

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