How To Mount A Wireless Gaming Chair

Posted on Gaming Furniture

Wireless gaming chair – AX Rocker is a chair made for matches, using loudspeakers built to improve the sound quality of the game. To join your chair you will need three connections: a power cord and 2 audio cables. A video cable connects the console to a TV. The setting process will take less than ten minutes.

After that, put the chair on the floor in the front of the TV. 2) Connect the AV cable that includes three entries colored, yellow, white and red, the colors corresponding inputs on your console. 3) Join the yellow cable to the video input of your TV, which is on the rear of the unit. 4) Connect the red and white cables to the audio inputs of the X Rocker, that are on the face of the chair. 5) Using the sound input signal, you will understand the connection to the cable force. Connect one end of it at the wireless gaming chair and the other into an outlet.

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