How To Paint Alder Cabinets

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Alder cabinets are easy to work with cut evenly without much fragmentation, and accept wood stains very well. Since it reacts well to most of the spots, alder can be colored to suit a number of design schemes. The color palette for the wood stain still has its limitations, and wood surfaces tend to give off a rustic feel. If you want to lighten your cabinets, or if you want a contemporary look without dark wood grain visible, the paint is your answer.

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Education to paint alder cabinets: clean the alder cabinets with detergent tri sodium phosphate and a rag. Remove the cabinet hardware. Sand the alder cabinets. Glossy wood paint does not accept new paint easily, but sandpaper creates enough surface textures to paint application. Apply painter’s tape to all wall surfaces or against nearby.

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Prime alder cabinets with stain blocking primer. Use a brush for the edges and a roller for larger portions of cabinetmaking. Let the primer dry for a day before. Paint the cabinets with oil-based paint. Use a brush to work and cutting-edge rollers on main areas. Apply a second coat after two hours if you notice bare patches. Finally, to paint alder cabinets, replace the cabinet hardware and remove the painter’s tape after 24 hours.

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