How To Paint Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

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Distressed kitchen cabinets – Difficulties cabinets complement certain décor, such as rural areas, country or shabby chic. Painting cabinets of difficulties is easy and can completely transform a room. However, if you are tired of the look and want to clean your closet the difficulties facing them, which is a short walk is planned. Here is a way to do both projects. Remove the cabinet doors and hardware, set aside hardware. You can paint the doors of the Cabinet in the kitchen if you want, but if space can move to the room or outdoors on the other. If you stay inside, be sure to open the windows for ventilation.

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Leave scratches or dents in the closet, since in addition to the appearance of anguish. You more distressed kitchen cabinets their appearance by rubbing the edges of the doors and shelves with a white wax candle. This will prevent the paint to adhere to when paint the top cabinets, making the screen edge wear. To Crackle the work of painting, mix two parts white craft glue (such as Elmer Glue) with a part of water and brush in the cabinets before painting.

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Paint the closet with your choice of paint interior latex with a brush to give the appearance of the paint job. Don’t worry too distressed kitchen cabinets much if brush strokes show, as this will add to the charm. They allow doors test for 24 hours. You can further look distressed now sand stains with heavy grit sandpaper to peel off the paint, or hit with a chain or a stone to make nicks and scratches.

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