How To Paint Shabby Chic Furniture UK

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Paint the previous layer on the. When sanding starts slightly sticky edges and places the furniture naturally wears out over time.   Clean the surface with a cloth or rag to remove particles. Paint a clear matte finish over the entire surface of the furniture to protect it.

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Remove all paint or sponge, if you want, or just sanded gloss finish. If the furniture has been painted several times before, make certain to smooth out some bumps on the surface. Removes dust the furniture with a clean rag or cloth to eliminate particles. Apply a thin coat of paint to the furniture and let it dry thoroughly.

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The shabby chic style is romantic and classic approach to decorate at a rustic. Shabby chic furniture goes nicely with many cottages and romantics or Victorian houses. When you decide to paint shabby chic furniture UK, remember to investigate these other styles to get inspiration. Shabby chic painted furniture is easily achieved once ragged decide how you want your furniture look elegant. If you will use this service again, have this opportunity to clean it well.

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