How To Paint Wood Paneling

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Paint wood paneling is an easy way to brighten a room. Decorative painting provides much more flexibility that makes real wood and many people find that the relatively dark paneling may hinder real room to light properly. The key to painting on wood panels is adequate preparation.

Instructions to paint wood paneling: move all furniture in the room to paint, or slide towards the center of the room and covered with a tarp. Place dust sheets to protect the floor. Apply liquid sander / deglosser for coating wood to remove any dirt and previous coatings or finishes. Let it dry and then rinse with a sponge mop. Allow the walls to dry.

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Apply a coat of oil-based primer to the paneled walls. Allow the primer to dry. Fill nail holes and cracks with putty compound and allow it dry. The soft sand the patched areas. Apply a thin initial layer of paint. Allow the first coat to dry overnight.

Finally, to paint wood paneling, apply a second slightly thicker coat of paint in the same way, starting with the brush. Minimize the paint brush lines and trimming the edges, they can show through the layer of rolled finish. Allow the paint to dry for two weeks before exposing to moisture.

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