How To Refinish Marble Table Tops

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Marble table tops and tables are one of the most expensive accessories in a modern home. A scratch or stain on marble can cause the heart of a homeowner to overturn. An expensive replacement may seem like the only option that you can easily tweak your marble for a fraction of that cost. With only a few products from their shop local home improvement, his striped marble table will look like new. Check damaged areas of the marble table using tape two inches wide to avoid scratching the marble areas without sanding unnecessarily.

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Start sanding the marble table tops with a circular hand sander using a grit sanding disk 220 for approximately two to five minutes, depending on the severity of scratches or until scratches begin to disappear. Clean the bottom of the sanding disc every 20 to 30 seconds with a damp cloth for best results. Using 400-grain sanding disks, then 600 grit, and finally, 800 grain, polished marble slowly and refining.

Remove the tape and polish the entire surface using a marble marble shine restorer applied to a polishing pad marble. Let dry for an hour and repeat again until the brightness is restored. Protect your work by applying a protective marble / sealant to the marble table tops. Follow the product; settling times vary but most calls for one hour. Apply polish marble according to product instructions.

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