How To Tile A Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Table

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Reclaimed wood kitchen table – Tiles can be used to give new life to a table in the kitchen scratched or unattractive. If you have an artistic streak, you can even a single tile mosaic tabletop using wooden tiles or broken dishes. The application of tiles a wooden table is a simple process and can be safe can complete this project in the course of a weekend, even if you have no experience with tiled or do-it-yourself projects.

Sand the dining table with 200 grit to the slightly rough surface and remove any transparent layer may have been applied to the table above. Place the tiles on the dining table to create an attractive model, or use pieces of broken tiles to create a mosaic on the reclaimed wood kitchen table. Remove the tiles of the kitchen table. Spread the adhesive mortar thin layer on top of the table with a notched trowel, dragging the serrated edge of the trowel by mortar to create grooves.

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Install the tiles back on the reclaimed wood kitchen table in the right places and press down into the glue. You will be able to move the tiles around as you wish while the glue is wet. Mixing slurry in a large container according to package directions. Clean the tiles in a circular motion with a wet sponge to remove excess grout from the tile surface movement. Allow grout to dry completely before using the table.

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