Ideas Of Diy Cabinet Refacing

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Diy cabinet refacing – A makeover of the kitchen does not have to involve ripping worn cabinets, buying expensive new cabinets and paying professionals to hang. Many do-it-yourself homeowners choose to save money refacing cabinets that have and replacing doors, drawer fronts and the hardware itself.

Instructions to diy cabinet refacing: remove the cabinet doors off their hinges. Remove the hinges of the cabinets. Pry the molding of the top if the cabinets have molding. Clean the cabinets with a mixture of mild detergent and water. Let them dry. Fill the deep scratches or dents with wood putty and let it harden. Sand all exterior surfaces.

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Squeeze a generous amount of wood glue on the back of the plywood cut to size. Attach to the sides of end cabinets. Fills the tiny holes with wood putty and allow hardening. Sand the wood putty. Measure the frame sections of vertical and horizontal front cabinet. Cut strips of adhesive sheet.

Peel a small portion of the back of a strip of sheet metal style.  Press the top against the cabinet. Continue pressing Remove the back. Cut overlapping outer edges using a sharp knife top and bottom. Peel a small portion of the back of a rail strip. Press the plate as you continue peel off the backing.

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Run a knife along the straight edge and cut through both layers of sheet. With the knife, lift the edge of the rail and remove excess metal. Press the new lane plate in place. Cut the top and bottom of the plate rail so that it is flush with the inside and bottom of the cabinet. Repeat the accession process and cutting the remaining strips of sheet metal rail. Diy cabinet refacing is complete.

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