Ideas To Hide Cable Box On The Wall

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It measures 3 by 3 square 7.6 from 7.6 cm under the TV where you wish to install the hide cable box. Draw a square on the wall plaster or stucco, and then cut the hole with a knife . Connect a coaxial cable to the”Antenna Input” jack of the TV and feed the other end down into the distance behind the TV.

Put this box in which you want to be and; furniture or a small shelf would be ideal. Place small decorations before the cable to keep it hidden.

When you’ve got a TV mounted on the wall, you need to decide what to do with the hide cable box. Put it on the TV below this is something that goes against the goal of the mounting bracket. The ideal alternative is to hide the cable box, which is achieved by extending the wires under the shingles into a location where it can’t be seen. Assess the distance of a square of 7.6 by 7.6 cm on the wall behind the TV near the assembly. Be sure to choose a location on the wall where the hole is covered through television.

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