Ideas To Make Own Canopy For Daybed Sofa

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Daybed sofa – Take a regular couch and give a dramatic image change with a canopy. If you want to make a canopy for a day bed for lounging outdoor patio or at the beginning of a sofa at home, a pavilion will dress the day bed with a modern appeal. Choose fabrics to match the existing decor or to create a contrast for best results.

Designing a framework for the canopy on the same type of wood used for the frame of the couch. Decide how high you want the awning is in proportion to the space available. If the daybed sofa is used outdoors, the canopy can reach as high as you want. However, if you build too high you will have to make custom curtains for the canopy. Four seats held along with several cross braces at each end is a general design that can be customized to your preferences. Attach the posts to the existing framework.

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For a daybed sofa in wrought iron, a pavilion with four seats. Decorative posts have made and installed by a welder for best results. For an ornate couch design simple messages for the canopy.Place strips of pure white cloth from one job to another to create a dreamy canopy to the couch.

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