Identify A Saarinen Oval Dining Table

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Saarinen oval dining table consists of two components: a cast aluminum base is available in three versions, and a round or oval top. Generally, attach one top to its three screws on pedestal base, although Knoll refers to the three screws “threaded rod.” However, the larger oval tops in the 78 and 96 inch sizes, requiring four screws.

Although they all share the same base, available in a variety of sizes and shapes a genuine Saarinen oval dining table. The classic round dining table is available in four standard sizes, ranging from 35 to 54 inches, with an additional 60-inch size available as a custom option. There are also two oval-top sizes 78 or 96 inches. All parts Saarinen table height, which is standardized at 28.25 inches.

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Each component of a Saarinen oval dining table for International Knoll includes stamps of the Knoll Studio logo and Saarinen signature. The base has of Knoll Studio stamp, while the top will include a plate with the designer’s signature. A challenge in determining of the authenticity of a Saarinen table can be different labels associated with Knoll, including Knoll Associates label and Knoll International label, as both are “stick-on” style labels. It also seems to have a number of variations within each label.

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