Installing A Kitchen Sink Strainer

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Kitchen sink strainer – The strainer body part or the drain in the kitchen sink has a connection to drainage pipes to be inserted safely. The filter must be attached to the pool with a tight connection; Otherwise, water will leak around the filter every time you fill the sink and cause water damage to your home. You need an assistant to help with the installation process, since the lock nut is tightened at the bottom of the filter has two pairs of hands.

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Roll plumber putty on a string, which is then wrapped around the hole in the bottom of the kitchen sink strainer. Press the colander in the sink hole, compressing the plumber putty. Slide the rubber seal and friction ring on the bottom of the strainer. Screw the nut on the bottom of the filter hand tight.

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Insert the handles of a pair of slip joint pliers into the kitchen sink strainer, and the thread of a screwdriver between the handles pliers. Hold the stationary sieve with the handles while another pair of slip joint pliers is used to tighten the nut on the bottom of the filter.

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